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Short Presentation:

The Doctor Who Refused to Give Up is the story of Dr Erik Enby’s struggle to give everything for his patients and when industrial medicine is not enough, he uses methods that have been shown to have a positive effect on even thousands of seriously ill people. He was then reported by colleagues and they launched sabotage against his research and had the power to start a media hunt that led to his doctor’s license being taken away. This drama documentary follows Enby from his teens when he met the love of his life who got polio and who made him become a doctor and in research seek the origin of illness. We also follow the fight for his beloved, through the polio totally disabled, all the way to the end.

Longer Presentation:

Erik Enby (b.1937) is a Swedish doctor who has been recognised for his highly controversial studies describing the microbial situation in the blood for a range of conditions.

Erik fell in love with Gun, who had been affected by polio and who was, according to her doctors, incurable. This lead to his desire to become a doctor and his quest to find the cause of disease.

A deliberate strategy is revealed, aiming to destroy Dr. Enby’s ability to carry out research and pursue the treatments sought by patients who could no longer be helped by their medical practitioners.

One such patient was Siv Wernborg, who was declared to have a few months to live, as a malignant melanoma had attacked her neck lymph nodes. The doctors wanted to remove half her face and eventualyy also an eye and replace it with a prosthesis.

At the patient’s request, the medical team had invited Dr. Enby to listen to the diagnosis and the decision. After hearing the horrendous decision, Wernborg wanted to leave, hoping to be treated by Enby for the infection in the blood. She rejected the doctors’ recommendation about surgery and subsequent radiation therapy. – If she was to die in a few months, she might as well keep her eye and face.

With Dr. Enby’s treatment of the infected blood, the tumours were eliminated and three years later, the oncologist at Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenberg, pronounced her healthy. She then decided to devote the rest of her life to assisting Enby. She experienced at first hand how he was persecuted by the establishment, which questioned his methods.
Dr. Enby considered that morbidity in a range of conditions was due to infection of the blood and started treating chronic conditions with an anti-infective non-medically establish method. This went on for many years, despite numerous warnings. Enby discovered that various forms of chronic conditions shortened the lives of many people.
He found that tumours were full of various forms of microbiological growth. He treated everything as an infection, using unorthodox therapy. In 2005, another research team (scholars who had previously been harassed and persecuted) were awarded the Nobel Prize for research similar to that done by Dr. Enby. Enby’s ‘reward’ was that, on a number of occasions, the tax authorities examined his (spotless) finances.

Dr. Enby continued treating patients, many of whom had been told by the medical profession that they were beyond help. At one point, Enby was consulted by a patient who was seriously ill with cancer; however, the patient continued to receive hospital treatment and eventually died, as a result of suicide, according to her father. Although Dr. Enby was totally innocent, the father directed his anger towards Enby, demanding millions, threatened him, went to the press and finally reported him (to the police?). Subsequently, Enby was scandalised on TV and in other media with his name, address and photographs being published.

This media witch hunt in the summer of 2006 involved 58 newspapers. This led to his licence to practice medicine being suspended in 2007. In 2008, another researcher, with a similar research focus that Dr. Enby had followed for over 30 years, got the Nobel Prize. In Sweden, Enby was subjected to even worse harassment. His car was totally destroyed and extensive damage done to the disability vehicle of his wife, a polio sufferer.
Despite this, clients flocked to his practice as a result of the rumour that ‘hopeless cases’ got better. His successes provoked strong reactions and in the summer of 2014, some of those most strongly opposed to his work accused Erik Enby, on Swedish Radio of malpractice. (The radio programme Body and Soul, 1st April 2014, was later found guilty by the Swedish Broadcasting Commission.)

In spite of the errors, the contents of the radio programme were used as the basis for a report to the police. The Counsel for the IVO also said in the broadcast that he intended to institute an indictment, even though the issue had not been resolved. Despite the obvious errors the authorities go further.

On the morning of 4th December, 2014, there is a knock on the door of Enby’s home. Half dressed, he opens the door; outside are four plainclothes police officers who enter the property to execute a search warrant. It needed four policemen to deal with a 77-year-old man and his wife who is paralysed with polio! The police confiscate his patient diary and computer. He is forced to go with two of the policemen and is locked up in an interview room at the police station.

Meanwhile, the remaining two policemen continue their search of his home while his disabled wife sits in a state of shock, without any support. After almost two months, Erik Enby finally gets his computer back but not his diary.
In May 2015, when Enby has just turned 78, an international team of researchers publish a study which gives full support for Dr. Enby’s theory, analysis and treatment regimes. No charges have been filed. The fabricated data continues to be unchallenged.

Börje Peratt May 2015

Humanism & Knowledge

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