Crowdfunding by Humanism & Knowledge (HK)

Enby website 2The ability to carry out the film “The doctor who refused to give up” is based at present completely on donations. This call started 2015-05-31 On the initiativ by members in HK.

Donate to “ENBYFILM” according to any of the following choices.

  • Plusgiro CULTNET Swedish banc-account Nordea: 320793-3

Write: Enbyfilm and your Name.

Step 1

10 000 SEK / 1 081 EURO to start production of the trailer June 17.
We reached that sum June 7 that is within a week from launching the project.

STEP 2-3

A budget to finish the project within reasonable time
We want to do 55 minutes and we need 250 000 kr / 27034 EURO

We will try to get presales from Broadcasting Companies and support from Institute.

We also hope for continuous support from Crowdfunding

Facebook “Läkaren som vägrade ge upp”

A NORMAL professional budget:
Total sum for a 27 min documentary iS 330 000 SEK / 35 800 EURO
55 min documentary is 656 040 SEK /70 877 EURO.

We succeded to reach the goal in Decembre of 2015 and the again the film turned out to be 100 minutes instead of 50.


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