Media Hunt

The Media Hunt against Erik Enby initiated by the association Science and Popular Education (VOF) (VoF-attack). They are considered leaders in the Swedish unit of Wikipedia-guerilla. Wikipedia Under Threat

Involved in the persecution of Erik Enby have all been chairman of VoF. None of them have academic or scientific expertise to judge Erik Enbys research.

On one occasion a cancer patient consulted Enby but after a couples of weeks only continued in health care and then died by her own hand (according to the father). This led to the father first blackmailed Enby and then went to the press and finally reported him. Thus disgracing him on TV and other media with name, address and images.

The media hunt midsummer 2006 included 58 newspapers. This led in 2007 to his license to practice medicine was suspended. Someone completely destroyed his car and caused damage to his polio sick wife’s handicap vehicles.

The media hunt continued in 2014 in the radio show “Body and Soul” (a program later reviewed and convicted in Review Board)

In the radio program in 2014 alleging that Enby health declared the patient who consulted him, which led to the first train in 2006.

“Enby has never health declared the cancer patient as her father states in the program Body and Soul (1 April 2014), which moreover falls on its own absurdity, one can not absolve anyone after 13 days particularly when an operation was imminent already when she came to Enby and he saw in addition that her condition was followed up by the treating doctor at the hospital even after visits to Enby. All processing is done in conformity with the will of the patient, exactly as is statutory.

Jan Theorin [father of the patient], however, reluctantly made way into Enbys reception three years after the death [suicide according to the father] and demanded money from Enby and that he demanded would be deposited into his account the next day. He also told Enby “You should not think that you can get away for I have many millions that I can use to lower yourself. You can be sure that I work systematically. “This promise has apparently Theorin not forgotten and that he has now unchallenged been able to execute on Swedish Radio.”

In the radio program claimed incorrectly to non-healthcare professional may not treat serious diseases. This claim has also IVO use of his notification to prosecution.

The journalists say in the radio show that non-healthcare professional may not treat serious diseases. This opinion is also untrue and especially misleading to the public who listen to the program, then they may think they can not go to their therapist if they suffer from gallstones, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, or what they now consider a “severe” disease to be. It is simply just a few medical conditions, which are regulated in the legislation, as non-registered may not treat.

The fact is that Enby does not treat diseases but blood infection that can cause these diseases.

The following is an excerpt from the Patient Act 5 Chapter where it is clear that there are human cancer that you must not treat, it is therefore not a crime to treat a cancer patient for their other medical conditions. This therefore means that the non-healthcare professional has the right to treat fungal infections regardless of whether they are found in cancer patients or other patients. If one says otherwise they have not read the law: 2010659_sfs-2010-659


Radio-programme SR Kropp & Själ
reported to the Review Board for Radio and Television by National Health Federation Sweden


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