NP synopsis

A young man, whose teen love is struck down with polio, becomes doctor and scientist. He discovers that blood infection may be a cause to decease. A cancer patient consults him but refuses operation and dies a year later. Her father blames it all on the doctor. The authorities remove his doctor’s licence. After a decade of campaigning against the doctor, it results in a police investigation.

Erik Enby a young man whose love Gunnel at age 16 get polio and lifelong paralysis. Erik decides to find the disease’s cause and educates to physicians specializing in research. He discovers that infections in the blood can cause disease and is licensed to carry out research on patients. His findings are against current scientific understanding. He helps thousands of patients. A breast cancer patient with advanced disease flea her doctors and seek a wide range of therapists. She visits Erik two times without completing therapy and return to hospital. 8 months later after surgery, she tries to commit suicide. The father blames Erik and started a decade-long vendetta which ends with Erik loses his license to practice and faced the threat of prosecution. Behind the witch-hunt turns out a force manipulating media and authorities to “hang” the controversial doctor.


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