Erik Enby born 1937 is a Swedish doctor who has been recognized for his studies to describe the microbial situation in the blood for various conditions. This was considered highly controversial.
Erik Enby fell in love with Gunnel a 16-year-old teenage girl in 1957. A few months later, in the midst of their love Gunnel suffered from polio and was according to medical care at this time beyond help. This came to influence Erik’s professional approach to become doctor and his search for the origin of disease.

Gunnel and Erik married in 1964. She became a prominent and award-winning author, writer GP, inspirational driving force at the Gothenburg Book Fair. She was appointed in 2001 to honorary doctorate at the University of Gothenburg. (Wikipedia)
Enby also became scholars and examined MS patients in the neurology clinic at Sahlgrenska Hospital. He found that their blood was like fermenting wine barrels. Head doctor advised him not to continue and Enby was asked to end up with the field tests. Enby’s provocative theory about blood as “non-sterile” was considered able to destroy his career. Such an approach ran counter to what all doctors learned.
A deliberate strategy could then be discovered which was to destroy his ability to do research and pursue the treatments requested by patients who no longer had the help of health care.

Siv Wernborg belonged doomed patients who declared to have a few months left to live when a malignant melanoma attacked neck lymph nodes, so the doctors at the hospital wanted to remove half of the face and replace it with prosthesis.
Enby offered by the medical team to listen to the diagnosis making and decisions. Wernborg fled and rejected the doctor’s recommendation of surgery. “If she would die in a few months, she could well retain her face”, Dr. Enby said.

With Enby’s treatment of the infection in the blood, the tumours went back and Oncologist at the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg fresh explained her free from cancer 3 years later. She then decided to devote the rest of her life to helping Dr. Enby.

Enby considered that morbidity of various types due to infections of the blood, and he started treating chronic conditions with anti-infective non-medically established means. Enby discovered that different forms of chronicity seemed to shorten the life.
He found that tumours were full with various forms of microbiological growth. He treated this with unorthodox therapies using minerals and vitamins.
Enby continued his treatments and it happened that desperate patients which had given up hope and who sought Enby’s treatment was beyond help.

Then a cancer patient consulted Enby twice within ten days in summer 2003 and was adviced by Enby to go along with surgery according to her doctor’s diagnos and plan for operation which she had refused to do for several months and then eventually did late same year. She died one year later, according to the father of other circumstances. Three years later this father wrongly accused Enby of having adviced his daughter not going through surgery and directed false accusations against Enby, demanded millions, threatened him, went to the press and finally reported him. Thus disgracing Enby on TV and other media.

Behind the spreading of false accusations was professor Dan Larhammar who took his chance to attack Enby using this father and a situation of which Enby had no responsibility.

The Media Hunt took of 2006 and involved newspapers and TV. In 2007 this led to that his license to practice medicine was suspended. In 2008, another scientist with the corresponding research focus as Enby got the Nobel Prize. In Sweden subjected Enby for worse harassment.
In summer of 2014 professor Dan Larhammar (Research and Popular Education) used Swedish Radio to unopposed and unilaterally accuse Erik Enby for malpractice.
The radio program came despite its flaws to be exploited for a police report against Enby. Counsel for the Authority IVO also says in the radio broadcast that he intends to make an indictment, without having sorted out the matter.
This led to a police report from the IVO, which asked for an indictment.
The morning of December 4, 2014, the doorbell rang at Enby’s home. He opened, and outside stood four plainclothes police forcing their way into the apartment to execute a search warrant. It needed four policemen to take on a 77 year old man and his completely polio paralyzed wife. The police took away his patient calendar and computer. He was forced to comply with two of the policemen and was locked in an interrogation room.
Meanwhile, the two remaining police continued the raid at his home with the now stunned lady in motionless condition and without help. After almost two months Enby got at his own request back his computer but not yet the calendar.
In May 2015 close to the day when Enby reached 78 years of age an international team of researcher published an extensive report, which gave full support for Enby. When trying to interview the professor for this documentary professor Larhammar contacted him and scared him away. No charges have been filed. The fabricated lies are continued unchallenged. The indictment against Enby was disused and closed in late autumn 2015.

BP May 26, 2015


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